General FAQs

Frequently asked questions. Delivered to your door.

Youthful MD is an Anti-Aging platform for adults who are concerned with their overall health. We offer the highest quality of services, including treatments and therapies for weight loss, men and women’s hormone replacement, men and women’s sexual dysfunction, hair loss,skin care and pain management. Youthful MD is perfect for patients seeking confidential, discreet, and convenient therapies from the comfort of home.

No, you do not need a prescription. The physician on the YMD platform WILL write a prescription if they deem it safe and appropriate after your online telemed visit.

Youthful MD requires our patients to use Youthful MD’s partnered pharmacy with Innovation Compounding.  Innovation Compounding is licensed to ship in all states and we’ll ship your medication to you directly in our discreet packaging, for free.  We also offer customer support 365 days a year.

In order to prescribe medicine, a physician must be licensed in the state where the patient is located. So, Youthful MD is only available in the states where physicians on the Youthful MD platform are licensed. But we’re expanding rapidly. If we’re not available in your state, please email ca[email protected] and we’ll put it at the top of our to-do list.

Further, all YMD physicians are required to complete an A4M certification program in Anti-Aging. YMD has partnered with A4M to assure all our physicians receive the proper training to provide expert service in the field of Anti-Aging.

Youthful MD also has a medical advisory board, including Board-Certified Anti-Aging A4M clinical directors and medical leaders in fields of Anti-Aging, men’s health, sexual health, pain management, female sexual dysfunction, hormone replacement therapy.

We take your privacy and the security of your information very seriously. We’ve designed the YMD platform to comply with all relevant privacy laws and have implemented strict security protocols to protect your information.

Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.


Frequently asked questions. Delivered to your door.

To receive treatment from YMD, you need to have seen a physician within the last 3 years. If you haven’t been to the doctor in the past three years, you’re not a good fit for Youthful MD’s service.

Yes. Youthful MD has built telemedicine technologies to enable physicians to practice medicine and take care of patients remotely. Every doctor you interact with is licensed to prescribe medicine and treat patients in your state and complies with all governing medical laws in the US. If you have feedback about the platform or a complaint regarding a physician on the YMD platform, please email [email protected].

Yes. Telemedicine is absolutely safe and effective. Quality treatment is, however, dependent on patients providing truthful and accurate responses to all questions. It’s also essential to your privacy and safety that you only upload a picture of yourself (not a group picture or a picture with anyone else in it) and your ID. Whether you seek treatment in person or online, healthcare providers can only provide effective care when they have accurate, up-to-date information about your needs.

Physicians on the Youthful MD platform have no way to verify the information you provide. So, always give your YMD physician or nurse practitioner all applicable information. And, if you’re prescribed medications, be sure to read your personalized treatment plan thoroughly before you take any medicine provided. By reading this important information in its entirety, and communicating any questions or concerns to your YMD medical provider, you’ll ensure that you have a full understanding of your program, how to weigh risks vs. benefits, and how to safely progress through your program.

After your online visit, a doctor or nurse practitioner will review your medical history within 24 hours. Depending on Labs, ECG or other diagnostic testing requested by the physician, that process could take up to 5 to 7 business days to receive your results.

If you’ve been waiting longer than 7 business days, please send a message to [email protected] and we’ll take care of it.

Youthful MD is a complement to — not a replacement of — your primary care physician (PCP). It’s essential to keep your PCP – and any other physicians that participate in your care – up to date on your YMD treatments and program. If you want to share your medical info with your PCP or any other medical professional, just message our medical support team through your YMD account.

Yes. After you fill out your medical history and create your account, you’ll schedule your first virtual appointment with a Youthful MD medical professional. After that, you can message one of our physicians or nurse practitioners whenever you have questions or concerns. Need to chat with a doctor or NP over a secure call or video chat? Send a message to your medical provider through your patient portal in “My Account”, and we will get you taken care of or send an email to [email protected].

After you’ve finished your initial online visit, and a physician or nurse practitioner has decided you’re a good candidate for telemedicine, you can speak with a Youthful MD health specialist via messaging, phone call, or a video conference any time you like.

It depends. Some states require video chats for telemedicine visits with your healthcare professional. After your initial virtual visit, a physician or nurse practitioner will reach out with the appropriate next steps.

Please call 911 immediately if you are experiencing an emergency.

Pharmacy address and contact information is provided to all patients via the medication prescription label as required by state law. In addition to the toll-free number, patients may reach a pharmacist through Innovation Compounding’s website, https://innovationcompounding.com/contact-pharmacist/, which is also provided with every order. Information on privacy rights and HIPAA notices are also supplied with all new prescription orders inside of patient inserts.


Pharmacy contact information:

Innovation Compounding

6095 Pine Mountain Rd NW Ste 108

Kennesaw, GA 30152



Your doctor or nurse practitioner will need to confirm your identity before treating you via telemedicine. In order to confirm your identity, we need a photo of your government-issued ID:
1. A photo of your government-issued ID
Must include:
– First & Last name
– Photo
– ID expiration date (must not be expired)
We’ll use this photo to confirm your identity. If you have any questions about how to upload your photo ID, please send a message to [email protected]

Cost, Pricing & Services

Frequently asked questions. Delivered to your door.

Your stand alone virtual medical provider visit is $75. That price does not include medication costs (if any are prescribed) or the cost of your YMD program(s). If you’re not a good candidate for telemedicine services – as determined by your YMD healthcare provider – we will provide a full refund for your virtual visit.

Youthful MD’s functional medicine services are not covered by insurance, but the $50 virtual appointment is less than most co-pays for specialty services.

Youthful MD requires a 30 day advance notice of a request to pause or cancel an order.  With our partnered pharmacy, monthly prescription orders are prepared and processed prior to the 30 day supply deadline to help ensure a continued uninterrupted medication supply.  If you need to make changes to your subscription plan, or if you need to pause or cancel an order, please visit your Youthful MD “My Account” Patient Portal or contact us a [email protected].

Unfortunately, no. All sales are final, and we cannot accept returns of prescription products for resale or reuse. But, if you find an error in your prescription or any other order, please contact us at [email protected].

Your cost of treatment will depend on the type(s) and amount of medication (if any) you receive, as well as any add-ons.

You will only be charged for your medication after a Youthful MD physician has approved your personalized treatment plan. If you’re not a good candidate for telemedicine, we’ll refund your $50 to $75 online visit. If you are a good candidate for treatment, you can log into your YMD portal to review plans, details, and shipping frequency at any time.

No. For your convenience, signatures are not required upon delivery.

Once your order is shipped, we’ll send you a tracking link via email. Orders are shipped within 5 business days of order to ensure your medication is received as soon as possible. Orders are filled and shipped Monday through Friday, and orders placed after 5 PM will be shipped the next day.

Sexual dysfunction

Frequently asked questions. Delivered to your door.

Youthful MD uses telemedicine technology to deliver discreet, convenient, and affordable sexual dysfunction treatment from a U.S.-Licensed physician. All without leaving home. Fill out your medical history and info, submit your ID, photo, and a recent blood pressure reading, and our Youthful MD physicians will determine if you’re a candidate for sexual treatment through the YMD platform.

Sexual dysfunction can often be a symptom of a larger, more serious underlying issue. Your Sexual Dysfunction could be indicative of something like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, or depression. That’s why we recommend starting the treatment process with a comprehensive lab test, and then take a whole-patient approach to your treatment.

Youthful MD doesn’t require lab tests to begin Sexual Dysfunction treatment, but we strongly recommend it. These tests help identify any potential underlying cause of your sexual dysfunction. And they empower us to provide comprehensive treatment. If you’ve had blood work done within the last 30 days. We will analyze your Labs as part of your Telemedicine Visit. Just send us the results of your most recent test, and we’ll add them to your account info to help our medical providers give you the best care possible. Your sexual health can be a great metric and indicator of your overall health.

We follow the American Urological Association’s recommendation that oral PDE-5 inhibitors should be prescribed as the “first line of therapy for erectile dysfunction.” Youthful MD’s physicians and NPs prescribe the most common PDE-5 oral medications, including Sildenafil (Viagra) and Tadalafil (Cialis).

Short answer? Yes, and there’s evidence to support a patient-centric, functional medicine approach to sexual dysfunction treatment. According to Viagra’s FDA-approved prescription information, “82% of patients reported an improvement in their erections.” And similar results were reported for other PDE-5 inhibitors (Cialis, Levitra) as well.

While oral sexual dysfunction medicine is generally extremely effective at treating Sexual Dysfunction, medication is not always the answer to everyone’s sexual dysfunction challenges.
Your Youthful MD physician will take a functional medicine approach to your sexual dysfunction treatment, and they may recommend trying the medication in different doses or under different circumstances. If you have a prescription for sexual dysfunction medication from Youthful MD, please don’t hesitate to contact your physician through your account page with any questions or concerns.

Yes – for most cases. Physicians diagnose sexual dysfunction based on patients self-reporting their medical histories and symptoms. This can be done in person or via a virtual appointment.
Youthful MD’s healthcare providers use advanced telemedicine technology to diagnose sexual dysfunction online – just as accurately as a physician could do in person. Our physicians and NPs will ask you specific questions to evaluate your symptoms and ensure that we can safely and appropriately prescribe you sexual dysfunction medication. The physicians on the YMD platform will diagnose your condition and create a personalized treatment plan based on the answers you provide. This is why it’s essential that you answer all questions to the best of your ability and communicate openly and honestly with your Youthful MD provider.

We also strongly suggest that you let your YMD platform physician order lab tests to aid in understanding the cause of your sexual dysfunction. While these tests are optional, they provide valuable information that can be useful in creating an effective, sustainable treatment plan.

Yes. While oral ED medications are usually extremely effective, they don’t work for everyone.
Depending on the cause of your ED, we might also recommend other treatment options, such as diet, exercise, cessation of smoking, and limiting alcohol intake. Every ED treatment comes with benefits and risks, and you should be fully aware of all aspects of your treatment plan before you begin.

Youthful MD also offers a comprehensive hormone replacement therapy program that could treat the cause of your ED. To see if you qualify for our hormone replacement therapy program, visit our site at hormone treatment page for men or hormone treatment page for women and click on Get Started. You will be required to get lab work for the physician to determine if HRT therapy is right for you.

If you’re interested in alternative ED treatment, we recommend speaking with a physician in person. Contact our team at [email protected] and we can recommend a doctor near you.

We ship all Youthful MD orders in discreet boxes, with medications in single-use packs. Be aware, these are not child-proof packages. Child-proof packaging is available upon request by emailing [email protected].

Orders are shipped within 5 days of order to ensure medication is received as soon as possible. Postal Boxes and Mail Forwarding addresses will receive standard postal shipping. Most orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail with a few exceptions that require refrigeration and will be shipped FedEx Standard Overnight.

You can find free blood pressure tests at thousands of locations across the U.S. Check your local Rite Aid for a Higi Station, or your local Walmart may have a Pursuant Health Station.

Hair loss

Frequently asked questions. Delivered to your door.

At Youthful MD, our U.S.-licensed healthcare providers deliver the highest quality hair loss treatment via the latest telemedicine technology.

To start your hair loss treatment with Youthful MD, you’ll fill out some relevant medical history and information to create your account. A Youthful MD medical provider will use info about your lifestyle, current prescriptions, medical history, and symptoms to evaluate your hair loss. You’ll also be asked to upload pictures of your hair loss and a photo ID for identification verification. After reviewing your information, your Youthful MD provider will determine if telemedicine hair loss treatment is right for you, and they’ll either approve treatment or follow up with you within 24 hours.

If you qualify, a Youthful MD doctor or NP will provide you with a diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate course of treatment to help you stop hair loss—and you may even regrow hair. Your medication will come with a treatment plan with detailed info about hair loss. To ensure efficacy and safety, be sure to read all information provided to you about your program.

We commonly prescribe finasteride (generic Propecia) for male-pattern hair loss (also referred to as androgenic alopecia). Finasteride helps patients maintain their hair and can, in some cases, regrow some lost hair.
We also offer minoxidil (generic Rogaine), an over-the-counter topical treatment, which slows and may even stop hair loss at the crown of the head.
Your Youthful MD doctor or NP may recommend a combination treatment plan, including both finasteride and minoxidil.
Finasteride should never be used by women or handled by pregnant women, and it is not appropriate for all men. For important safety information, click here.

Hair loss treatment can work to preserve hair and possibly even regrow hair. In one study, Finasteride was effective at stopping hair loss in 83% of men compared to 28% for the placebo group.
Finasteride is not appropriate for all men and should never be used by women or handled by pregnant women. To learn more about who should not use finasteride and the potential side effects, please see the FAQ below regarding side effects and the important safety information.

Typically, patients will begin seeing visible changes after 3 to 4 months of daily Finasteride and minoxidil use. For some patients, maximum results may take up to a year. As long as you aren’t experiencing side effects, we generally recommend continued medication for a full year before determining whether the medication is effective for you or not. As with all medications, finasteride and minoxidil will have differing levels of efficacy for different patients.

Local skin irritation is the most common side effect associated with minoxidil. With less than 2% skin absorption, systemic side effects are exceedingly rare,

As with many medications, finasteride is not safe for everyone. Clinical trials have found that less than 2% of men experienced sexual dysfunction in association with Finasteride. Finasteride has been found, in rare cases, to lower serum prostate-specific antigen and may increase the risk of some high-grade prostate cancers. If you seek hair loss treatment with Youthful MD, your YMD physician will be available to answer all questions regarding safety and side effects.
If you decide to seek care through Youthful MD, your Youthful MD-affiliated physician will be available to answer your questions about side effects. Finasteride should never be used by women or handled by pregnant women, and it is not appropriate for all men. or important safety information, click here.

No drug is 100% safe and effective – finasteride is no exception. Familiarize yourself with potential side effects before you begin treatment. If you suspect you are experiencing side effects, cease treatment immediately and inform your doctor.

Yes. During your virtual visit, we’ll ask you to take a few photos of your hair loss and upload them. To help your physician determine the appropriate treatment option.

Your virtual visit costs $50 to $75. This doesn’t include the cost of your medication (if prescribed). Your cost of treatment will depend on the type(s) and amount of medication (if any) you receive, as well as any add-ons.

Youthful MD’s functional medicine services are not covered by insurance.  Have Questions? Schedule a FREE Consultation with a Healthcare Consultant Now.

You will only be charged for your medication after a Youthful MD physician has approved your personalized treatment plan. If you’re not a good candidate for telemedicine, we’ll refunded your $50 to $75 online visit. If you are a good candidate for treatment, you can log into your YMD portal to review plans, details, and shipping frequency at any time.

Male Hormones

Frequently asked questions. Delivered to your door.

Testosterone is a naturally-occurring steroid hormone both men and women, though it occurs in higher concentrations for men. Testosterone is derived from cholesterol and is produced in the testes, ovaries, and adrenal glands. It is primarily responsible for the development of the male reproductive system and plays a key part in growth of body hair, muscle mass, fat distribution, deepening of the voice, and libido. Some testosterone in the body is converted into estradiol, a type of estrogen, and some is converted into dihydrotestosterone in the body, which is associated with prostate enlargement and baldness.

It is normal for testosterone levels to decrease with age. This can result from declining testicular function and/or modifiable lifestyle factors, such as how much exercise you get or the quality of your diet. Some men, however, struggle with low testosterone independent of normal age-related decline. There are many possible causes for low testosterone, including diabetes, alcohol abuse, genetic disorders, medications, metabolic disorders, and/or trauma, but some men may never find out the cause of their low testosterone levels. This medical condition should be treated under the supervision of a trained healthcare professional.

Frequently Asked HRT Questions

Frequently asked questions. Delivered to your door.

Yes. Under the care and supervision of medical experts using the latest telemedicine technology, diagnostic testing, and medical research, hormone replacement therapy is very safe. Thousands of clinical studies have found that responsibly administered hormone replacement therapy is both safe and effective. All of the physicians and NPs at Youthful MD are highly trained medical professionals, specializing in the treatment of adults over 30 who are struggling with hormone imbalances and/or deficiencies.

If you believe you may be struggling with a hormone imbalance, it’s time to seek medical expertise. Hormones may decline at any time, but the process typically begins in patients’ mid-to-late 20s. By 35, hormonal declines are generally sufficient enough to produce symptoms. Thus, the best time to start hormone replacement therapy is generally between 35 and 40 years old. That said, it’s never too late to start.

The best age to start hormone replacement therapy varies from patient to patient. Some patients may see and feel the effects of hormone balances at younger ages as a result of other health conditions impacting their hormones. Symptoms of perimenopause, menopause, and andropause (male menopause), which begin occurring around middle age, are the most common underlying cause for hormone imbalances in most patients.

Many patients benefit from getting their hormones tested in their 20s or 30s to establish a baseline for “normal” hormone levels. This way, they have something to compare later tests against if they begin experiencing symptoms of a hormone imbalance.

This will depend on your optimal hormone therapy program. Some therapies are most effective with a specific method of delivery (e.g., injection), while others can be left up to the patient’s preference. Your Youthful MD provider will help you understand the best option(s) for your treatment, including effectiveness, risks, and pros and cons for any treatment plan. You can rest assured, our doctors will never allow you to choose an unsafe treatment option.

You should commit to hormone replacement therapy for as long as you wish to see positive results. If that feels like a heavy commitment, compare it with the alternative: living with your current symptoms and/or worse symptoms of a hormone imbalance down the road. Hormone therapy could be the key to helping you regain your youth for years to come.

No. We have no hidden costs or fees, and we’ll disclose all fees to you before you begin any treatment program.

At Youthful MD, we use the latest telemedicine technology to serve our patients. That means you can meet with your doctor via a virtual appointment in your patient portal whenever you need to speak with them.

Female Hormone Replacement Therapy FAQs

Frequently asked questions. Delivered to your door.

Throughout your cycle, your hormones will ebb and flow, controlling your endocrine functions and your reproductive health. At Youthful MD, we use your body’s natural rhythms and cycles to establish the proper doses of progesterone, estradiol, and testosterone to best mimic your natural hormones at peak performance. Your medications and topical creams will vary based on a 28-day cycle to restore your hormone levels to those of a woman in her prime. Regulating this way may protect against a number of conditions, including osteoporosis, breast cancer, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s disease, and/or type 2 diabetes.

Yes. We use bioidentical hormones for 100% of our hormone replacement therapy treatments. Why? Because bioidentical hormones are molecularly identical in structure to your naturally-occurring hormones. These hormones are created using a natural plant-based extraction process.

Side effects of hormone replacement therapy are usually linked with dosage. Your dosage needs may change over time, so always communicate any side effects you experience to your Youthful MD physician or NP as soon as possible. Side effects may include:

– Irritability – Increased testosterone levels and other hormonal changes may also increase irritability and/or aggressiveness as the patient adjusts to a higher testosterone level. These mood changes generally resolve themselves as testosterone levels balance out.

– Urinary incontinence – In some patients, use of estrogen combined with progestin may increase the risk of urinary incontinence. This is not common, and you should talk with your Youthful MD provider if it occurs.

– Dementia – Most common in women over the age of 65, increased doses of estrogen and progestin may increase the risk of dementia, but this is rare.

– Stroke, blood clots, or heart attack – Women who have a history of heart disease or who are at risk for stroke, blood clots, and heart attack are usually not a match for hormone replacement therapy.

– Breast cancer – In some rare cases, combining progestin and estrogen may increase a woman’s chance of developing breast cancer.

Progesterone and estrogen support the health and function of your entire body. Your 28-day cycle supports your brain, bone density, heart, the myelin coating of your nerves, and so much more. Many of our patients in Youthful MD’s Anti-Aging programs have had some form of hysterectomy. Some patients still have their ovaries, and some do not. Women who’ve undergone hysterectomies tend to need more hormone replacement therapy because their bodies cannot produce hormones at a normal rate anymore.

Unfortunately, no. We cannot provide hormone replacement treatments to anyone with any kind of IUD (hormonal or copper). If you would like to receive hormone replacement therapy, you do have the option to remove your IUD, wait 60 days, and then start the Youthful MD hormone replacement process with a blood test and initial virtual visit. If you are still in need of birth control, you should consider a plan for contraception that works with hormone therapy.

Weight Loss FAQs

Frequently asked questions. Delivered to your door.

Anyone with a body mass index (BMI) over 25 who wants to lose fat and get healthier is a potential candidate for Youthful MD’s weight loss programs. To find out if you can benefit from the Weight Loss Roadmap or Weight Loss in a Box, go to our weight loss page, fill out a bit of information about your medical history, and schedule a virtual visit with a Youthful MD provider. They’ll help you determine the next best steps to get your weight loss journey started.

Yes. At Youthful MD, we use the latest telemedicine technology to give all of our patients the care and supervision they need. Whether your program includes weight loss medications or not, we will help you safely lose the weight so you can keep it off. Not only that, but with our functional medicine approach to weight loss, we can diagnose the root of the problem and help you with sustainable treatments to look and feel young and fit again!

Youthful MD helps you stay accountable and engaged with your weight loss journey through weight loss monitoring. Depending on your personalized program, this may include a remote monitoring scale that syncs with your account and automatically sends your updated metrics to your Youthful MD provider. They can then use this info in your next virtual visit to make adjustments to your program and help you continue to see results.

This depends on your program and your goals. Some patients choose the Signature package with no medications to receive educational videos, recipes, support, and accountability. Many patients, however, will opt for a program that includes medically-proven supplements and/or injections that boost safe, rapid weight loss. Your Youthful MD provider can help you understand your options and the best weight loss medication(s) for you.

Youthful MD’s weight loss services are not covered by insurance, but the $35 virtual appointment is less than most co-pays for specialty services.

Pain Management FAQs

Frequently asked questions. Delivered to your door.

Pain management is the process of diagnosing, treating, and controlling chronic pain. Because every patient experiences pain differently, every pain management program is different. At Youthful MD, we take a patient-centric approach to pain management. Not only will we help you decrease your pain now, but we’ll also work with you to diagnose and treat the root of your pain condition.

Anyone who has chronic pain could be a candidate for Youthful MD’s pain management programs. If you are suffering from migraines, tension headaches and/or muscle pain, or muscle spasms, you could benefit from a virtual visit with a Youthful MD physician or NP. With your medical history and information about your symptoms, we can help you understand the cause of your pain and how to best treat it.

Yes. At Youthful MD, we use the latest telemedicine technology to give all of our patients the care and supervision they need. We prescribe only the highest quality medications, and we take a functional medicine approach to pain management. When you work with Youthful MD’s expert providers, we’ll work to diagnose the root cause of your pain so that we can offer the best, most sustainable treatment options possible.

No. Our safe, effective pain management medications include proven supplements and vitamins, such as methylated B12, hyaluronic acid, and supplements for joint support. Our treatments are designed to help you become as pain-free as possible without running the risk of opioid addiction and other adverse side effects.

Skin Care FAQs

Frequently asked questions. Delivered to your door.

Acne is most prevalent with young adults experiencing increasing hormone levels. About 80% of people will have at least one acne outbreak in their teens or twenties. Acne is less common in older adults, as they tend to have more balanced hormone levels. Since stress can impact hormone levels, acne breakouts may also pop up in adults who are under a lot of pressure or feeling a lot of stress. There is no direct evidence that factors like stress, diet, and/or light cosmetics actually cause acne breakouts, though. If you’re suffering from acne, gently wash your face with a mild facial cleanser no more than twice each day. Avoid hard scrubbing and exfoliation, and avoid touching your face or any areas affected by acne.

Sun damage is the main culprit behind skin cancer, prematurely aging skin, wrinkles, dark spots, and other skin conditions. So, the most important part of your skincare routine should be to protect your skin from UV exposure. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 15. Along with that, take just a few moments each morning and evening to wash with a gentle facial cleanser and moisturize your face and neck.

Wrinkles may be a natural part of the aging process, but you can delay their appearance and minimize them by wearing sunscreen every day. For even younger-looking skin, use gentle, safe skincare products that contain retinoids and antioxidants to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Wrinkles and sagging skin occur as your skin loses its elasticity and collagen. You can keep your skin looking young and beautiful by focusing on prevention and daily care. Always use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 15 when going out in the sun, and you may want to start using eye creams and/or other topical skincare products with antioxidants and retinoids to improve your skin’s tone and appearance.

Above all else, be gentle! Never use harsh cleansers when washing sensitive skin, and avoid products that contain irritants. Instead, choose skincare products that are specifically formulated for sensitive skin.

To learn more about Youthful MD’s anti-aging programs, fill out our online contact form, or give us a call at 855-411-2225.

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