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Regain your self-confidence, look better, and feel more like yourself.

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Are You Struggling with Self-Confidence and Loss of Energy?

Hormones are Difficult for Many Women

Are you tired of dry skin, chronic fatigue, low libido and weight gain, or persistent acne?

Every woman experiences a dip in hormones at some point in life. If you just can’t seem to feel right in your own skin, you’re not alone. Luckily, there is a solution that can help you regain your vitality.

You Don’t Have to Feel Tired All the Time

Discover a simple, life-changing program designed to help you bring your hormones back into balance for good with an interactive, guided approach to treatment from board-certified physicians.

Turn Back the Clock with Youthful MD

Even if you lead a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and exercise, low levels of two feminine hormones called progesterone and estrogen can cause these problems.

As you age, these hormones naturally decline, but other underlying health issues may significantly increase the rate at which it declines, resulting in more hot flashes and night sweats, more weight gain, lower libido, insomnia, and depression.

It’s time to regain confidence in who you are.

By utilizing a mixture of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and age management, Youthful MD aims to help women over 30 feel and look better. Each hormone replacement program is tailored to your needs, keeping your body balanced and young.

With this anti-aging hormone therapy, many clients have seen improvements in as little as 1-2 weeks. In 3-6 weeks, you’ll feel like you’ve been born anew with a newfound self-esteem and energy throughout the day.

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Reclaim Your Energy and Self-Confidence with a Hormone Replacement Program Designed Just for You

It’s never too late to feel like yourself again. You don’t have to fight chronic fatigue, hot flashes, or menopausal weight gain anymore. Youthful MD is changing that with individualized, interactive care through functional medicine, treating the root cause of the issue, rather than the symptoms.

With collaboration from board-certified and A4M Anti-Aging trained medical professionals, physicians, and nutritionists, you will receive a custom prescribed regimen to help you balance hormones through exercise, sustainable dieting choices, and medicine.

Our licensed doctors and physicians work with you to create a well-rounded, holistic hormone replacement plan that identifies and treats the root cause of your imbalances.

Convenient monthly deliveries and a robust downloadable app hold you accountable for your progress, including in-app consultations with your physician to guide you throughout the process and keep you on track.

Anti Aging

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What to Expect with Youthful MD

Our goal at Youthful MD is to help you achieve a happier, healthier life. Our team of board-certified and A4M Anti-Aging trained physicians help you create a custom, long-term program to help you regain the liveliness of balanced hormones.

Your health journey is unique, which is why we approach hormone replacement with a long-term guided regimen with month-over-month progress tracking to help you achieve your goals.

No invasive techniques or time-consuming appointments. Only real medicine and real solutions, tailored to your body.

Comprehensive Lab Work with Quest Diagnostics®

Your subscription begins with a bloodwork kit from our partner, Quest Diagnostics, the largest national laboratory in the U.S.

This allows your program to be custom-tailored by a team of licensed, board-certified MDs, physicians, and nutritionists, creating an effective approach to hormone replacement therapy.

With testosterone therapy, many of our patients see improvements in 1-2 weeks. In just 3-6 weeks, you can feel like a completely renewed man, all from the privacy of your own home.

Enjoy a More Youthful, Healthier You

Are you ready to learn the tools necessary to becoming a youthful, healthier version of yourself? Your program is designed specifically for your body’s needs and updated throughout your care.

With Youthful MD, you no longer need to battle poor metabolic regulation, depression, insomnia, or low libido. You’ll be living your best life with renewed vitality in just a few weeks.

Guided Hormone Therapy
Meet Our Chief Medical Officer

Hello, and welcome to Youthful MD!

My name is Dr. Tariq Hakky, and I’m the Chief Medical Officer here at Youthful MD.

Through our revolutionary platform, I oversee board-certified physicians, nutrition experts, and anti-aging specialists in all 50 states.

We work together – in partnership with Quest Diagnostics, and national pharmacies – to provide you with:

  • Telemedicine appointments with licensed physicians and nurse practitioners.
  • FDA-Approved Medications and nutraceuticals to treat the underlying causes of weight gain, sexual dysfunction, hair loss, skin conditions, and hormone imbalances.
  • Personalized Care and Education on the best course of treatment for your individual needs.

Our board-certified team of physicians, nurse practitioners, and licensed health specialists are here for you. We will help you achieve your goals, all from the comfort of your home with our downloadable app and telemedicine platform. Here’s to your health!

- Dr. Tariq Hakky, MD

Get Started and Reclaim Your Youth

Dr. Tariq Hakky

Anti Aging Specialist and Board Certified Phyician

Technology to Support Your Hormone Replacement Journey

When you subscribe to Youthful MD’s services, you gain access to a full suite of convenient services and resources in the YMD app that keeps you integrated with your care for a fully guided, interactive experience.

  • Activity Tracking
  • Medication Reminders
  • Educational Videos
  • Lifestyle and Nutrition Tips
  • Telemedicine Guidance
  • Progress Statistics
  • …and Much More

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How Does Youthful MD Work?

Our physicians and health specialists will be here for you every step of the way, helping you achieve your youthful energy again, guiding you towards a lifetime of health.

Step 1
Schedule Your
Lab Work

To tailor the program to your body, our physicians need to analyze recent bloodwork. Create your account online and schedule an appointment for lab work at a Quest Diagnostics location most convenient to you.
Step 2

Your first consultation with a licensed physician covers lab results, weight loss challenges, and health history. Afterwards, meet with a board-certified nutritionist to discuss dietary needs, progress, and adjustments.
Step 3
Download the

Receive full access to the YMD app where you can track progress, communicate with your physician through secure messaging or video consultation. Gain access to learning resources, exercise tips, prescription information, and much more.
Step 4
Enjoy Convenient

Start enjoying a more youthful you with medications discreetly delivered to your doorstep each month, and guided weight loss, exercise, and nutritional care through the YMD app.
What’s Included?

Your individual program is fully customized to your unique journey with
hormone replacement therapy, but every program includes:

Comprehensive Lab Panels

  • Thyroid hormones
  • Testosterone and estrogen
  • Cortisol
  • A1C
  • Vitamin D Levels
  • …and much more!

YMD Hormone Replacement App

  • Educational videos
  • Healthy lifestyle tips
  • Live physician telehealth guidance
  • Secure messaging and video calls with experts
  • Medication progress tracking
  • …and much more!

Telemedicine Physician Consultation

  • 20-minute appointment
  • A licensed, A4M trained physician
  • Review of your medical history
  • Review of your lab work
  • Recommendations for treatment

Telemedicine Hormone Specialist Check-Ins

  • 20-minute in-app check-ins
  • Board-certified health specialist
  • Review your progress
  • Address questions and concerns
  • Make adjustments as needed

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What People Are Saying About Youthful MD

I tried Youthful MD’s hair loss program and had no idea what to expect. I suffer from Alopecia, and I’ve tried many types of treatments over the years. Youthful MD has been amazing!

Greg C.

The YouthfulMD doctor, Dr Brandi was wonderful to work with and very knowledgeable in anti- Aging, which is refreshing. The incredible Repair Night cream that the she prescribed reduced my wrinkles!

Veronica A.

YouthfulMD helped me with my hormone replacement therapy. The process was very easy and the doctor who I consulted with via telemedicine was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. So convenient!

Jack M.

Thank you YouthfulMD for all your help. It's not easy to talk about, but I have had some issues with my sexual partner and having orgasams. Very happy with the Scream Cream. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Jessica S.

Throughout your cycle, your hormones will ebb and flow, controlling your endocrine functions and your reproductive health. At Youthful MD, we use your body’s natural rhythms and cycles to establish the proper doses of progesterone, estradiol, and testosterone to best mimic your natural hormones at peak performance. Your medications and topical creams will vary based on a 28-day cycle to restore your hormone levels to those of a woman in her prime. Regulating this way may protect against a number of conditions, including osteoporosis, breast cancer, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s disease, and/or type 2 diabetes.

Yes. We use bioidentical hormones for 100% of our hormone replacement therapy treatments. Why? Because bioidentical hormones are molecularly identical in structure to your naturally occurring hormones. These hormones are created using a natural plant-based extraction process.

Side effects of hormone replacement therapy are usually linked with dosage. Your dosage needs may change over time, so always communicate any side effects you experience to your Youthful MD physician or NP as soon as possible. Side effects may include:

– Irritability – Increased testosterone levels and other hormonal changes may also increase irritability and/or aggressiveness as the patient adjusts to a higher testosterone level. These mood changes generally resolve themselves as testosterone levels balance out.

– Urinary incontinence – In some patients, use of estrogen combined with progestin may increase the risk of urinary incontinence. This is not common, and you should talk with your Youthful MD provider if it occurs.

– Dementia – Most common in women over the age of 65, increased doses of estrogen and progestin may increase the risk of dementia, but this is rare.

– Stroke, blood clots, or heart attack – Women who have a history of heart disease or who are at risk for stroke, blood clots, and heart attack are usually not a match for hormone replacement therapy.

– Breast cancer – In some rare cases, combining progestin and estrogen may increase a woman’s chance of developing breast cancer.

Progesterone and estrogen support the health and function of your entire body. Your 28-day cycle supports your brain, bone density, heart, the myelin coating of your nerves, and so much more. Many of our patients in Youthful MD’s Anti-Aging programs have had some form of hysterectomy. Some patients still have their ovaries, and some do not. Women who’ve undergone hysterectomies tend to need more hormone replacement therapy because their bodies cannot produce hormones at a normal rate anymore.

Unfortunately, no. We cannot provide hormone replacement treatments to anyone with any kind of IUD (hormonal or copper). If you would like to receive hormone replacement therapy, you do have the option to remove your IUD, wait 60 days, and then start the Youthful MD hormone replacement process with a blood test and initial virtual visit. If you are still in need of birth control, you should consider a plan for contraception that works with hormone therapy.

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