Lose weight<br>
with the Youthful MD Lose weight<br>
with the Youthful MD

Lose weight
with the Youthful MD

Lose 15% of your body weight*

Personalized care with functional medicine.

Clinically certified

Weight loss monitoring packages

Board-certified specialists in weight loss

Enter Your Current Weight (Ibs):

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*In a 68- and 72-week clinical trial studying Wegovy (2.4 mg) and Zepbound (15 mg) in patients without diabetes and with BMI ≥30, or BMI ≥27 with a weight-related condition, the average weight loss was 15% and 20%, when paired with diet and exercise changes (compared to 2.4% and 3.1%, respectively, with diet and exercise alone).

What’s Included?

Your individual program is fully customized to your uniqueweight loss journey, but every program includes:

Comprehensive Lab Panels

  • Lab order for essential lab tests
  • Access to lab tests conducted through Quest or LabCorp
  • Comprehensive review of your lab results

YMD Weight Loss App

  • Meal planning and recipes
  • Tracking tools
  • Support features
  • Valuable resources, videos, and more!

Telemedicine Physician Consultation

  • In-depth Medical Consultation
  • Review of your health history and lab results
  • Discussion about your health goals with our experienced healthcare team
  • Prescription for weight loss medication*

*Semaglutide and Tirzepetide medications prescribed by a board-certified doctor if you qualify for treatment.

Telemedicine Nutrition Specialist Check-Ins

  • Customized meal plan crafted by our certified Nutritionist
  • Dedicated healthcare coach for personalized guidance through program
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What’s Included?
Are You Stuck in a Weight Loss Rut? Are You Stuck in a Weight Loss Rut?

Are You Stuck in a Weight Loss Rut?

Weight Loss Is Different for Every BodyFad diets. Calorie restrictions. Hours on the treadmill. Just can’t seem to lose the weight? There is no one-size-fits-all approach to shedding inches off your waistline.

Sound Familiar?There’s a Better Way. Discover a simple, life-changing program to help you lose fat (and keep it off) with a holistic, interactive approach that helps keep you accountable to your goals.

Youthful MD Lab Tests

Free Physician Telemedicine consult if positive

Accurate results within 1-5 days

Free shipping to-and-from the lab

CDC-Listed & FDA-Registered

Pay for tests with FSA / FHA Cards

Men's Wellness Lab Test for Holistic Well-Being
Men's Wellness Lab Test for Holistic Well-Being
Unlock a healthier and more vibrant you with our Men's Wellness Lab Test. This comprehensive analysis delves into crucial hormone levels, providing essential insights for a personalized treatment plan. From cortisol to thyroid function, we aim to empower you on your journey to holistic well-being. Discover the root cause, embrace vitality!

How Does Youthful MD Work?

1. Schedule Your Lab Work

1. Schedule Your Lab Work

To tailor the program to your body, our physicians need to analyze recent bloodwork. Create your account online and schedule an appointment for lab work at a Quest Diagnostics location most convenient to you.

2. Telemedicine

2. Telemedicine Appointments

Your first consultation with a licensed physician covers lab results, weight problems, and health history. Afterwards, meet with a board-certified specialist to discuss your weight loss treatment plan, progress, and adjustments.

3. Download the YMD App

3. Download the YMD App

Receive full access to the YMD app where you can track progress, and communicate with your physician through secure messaging or video consultation. Gain access to learning resources, health tips, and prescription information (if applicable).

4. Enjoy Convenient Health

4. Enjoy Convenient Health

Start your journey to a healthier you and feeling more confident! Enjoy a guided weight loss treatment plan through the YMD app. with the convenience of medications and/or supplements discreetly delivered to your doorstep each month.

Weight Loss FAQs

Frequently asked questions. Delivered to your door.

How much does it cost to start the Weight Loss Program with Youthful MD?

It’s $95 to start which includes an In-depth Medical Consultation, Lab Order, Review of Labs, Prescription Order for Treatment, YMD Downloadable App, Meal Plan, and an Assigned Healthcare Coach.

*Please note GLP-1 medication is billed separately and not covered in the program cost. Medication cost will depend on your treatment and personal health insurance coverage. The cost of completing the lab order is not covered in the program cost, however, may be covered under your personal health insurance.

What if my insurance doesn’t cover the medication?

If your insurance does not cover the cost of your medication, you may pay for the medication out of pocket (typically $900–$1,600/month, depending on the medication).

Do I need a doctor’s referral to start with Youthful MD?

No, you don't need a doctor's referral to sign up with Youthful MD. However, our medical team is happy to collaborate with your doctor if appropriate.

How is Youthful MD different from an in person weight loss clinic?

Youthful MD takes a functional medicine approach to weight loss, treating the underlying CAUSES of weight gain, so you can see the results you’ve been dreaming of. Youthful MD’s new, scientifically-proven, patient-centric way to lose weight is designed by top weight loss specialists. Rather than waiting for months for an in-person appointment, you will have access to board-certified medical professionals trained in weight loss medicine right away who will be able to personalize a weight care treatment plan to work with your biology from a wide selection of medications (including GLP-1s) that can help guide you throughout your weight loss journey. Additionally, you’ll have access to the YMD app with valuable tools and resources, as well as a dedicated health coach with specialist telemedicine check-ins. Youthful MD gives you the health benefits of in-person care from the comfort and convenience of your home.

What if I experience side effects?

Throughout your weight loss treatment with Youthful MD, you’ll have multiple telemedicine check-ins with healthcare specialists at critical points to determine the safest, most effective medication for your biology and medical history. The healthcare team will make any adjustments to your treatment plan as needed.

Are medical weight loss programs effective?

Medical weight loss programs are effective because they integrate dietary and lifestyle adjustments alongside the administration of suitable medication, all overseen by a board-certified provider. While medication plays a pivotal role in weight management, its efficacy is maximized when coupled with proper dietary selections and regular exercise routines.

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